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Soul Path Readings,

Mayan Honor~Grams


Insightful. Empowering. Right on. Profound. As seen on television, these soul path readings reflect the wisdom of ancient Mayan Astrology. These uniquely influential readings offer an illuminating interpretation of one’s empowering possibilities, your talents, abilities and gifts. Your reading will also clarify your soul’s purpose and desires. Our distinctive readings also include discovering which Famous People have your same empowering soul path! Movie Stars, Authors, Poets, Politicians, Musicians etc., bringing an added element of excitement to every event. These award-winning interpretations offer each person a chance to be honored in a totally positive and personally insightful way. They are astutely researched and eloquently presented in a very conscious, empowering and poetic style. “These excellent readings encouraged our guests to mingle and share what they resonated with and how being honored felt for them.” “Everyone loves the insight and appreciation each soul path exudes.” “Deeply empowering entertainment at its best.” *Ask us about offering Mayan Soul Path readings in your area.


Mayan Soul Path Reading Example, The Yellow Warrior 

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Mayan Soul Path Reading Example, The Red Skywalker 

You are the brilliant pillars of light, here to initiate consciousness and awaken Truth as the sacred Skywalker. You connect our Earth with our Cosmos, as a channel filled with light that radiates true integrity and genuine vision into reality as you skywalk. You are an ambitious risk-taking pioneer, who works diligently to bring humanitarian visions of a promising future into clear focus. You will always be found crusading your love and passion for Truth.

You have multifaceted intellectual and educational pursuits and you are a lifelong learner. You flow lovingly forward, illuminating global consciousness with proficient trust and ease. You think Globally and act locally.

You choose active leadership as a social and global consciousness of vision and service. You remember that honoring yourself and others moves your vision forward into practical service. You are a visionary who is inspired and haunted by humanitarian ideals. As you align yourself with universal values and intentions, you honor everyone and shine as a loving light in your life and the lives of others.

          You create future achievements and respect with your visionary intelligence and psychic aptitudes. You enjoy emotional freedom, integrity and evolving your human nature as you shine as divine.  You gracefully trust the unknown and explore expanded perspectives of evolution, as you willingly serve higher consciousness.

          You trust your ability to initiate attunement, creating balance and wholeness. You are a free spirit who enjoys the expansiveness of sacred space and nature. You thrive in wide-open spaces and love expansive vistas, views and the far reaches of cosmic space. You consciously choose freedom, as your visionary side seems to demand that you claim it. You often quickly recognize imposed restrictions as old illusions and move beyond them.

          You are a pillar of strength, holding sacred space and reaching towards the heavens.  You often receive inspirational messages from the angelic realms.  This angelic inspiration may lead you to have progressive goals such as: I choose to be a channel of blessings, a healing presence and to be the most grateful person I know! You appreciate your psychic attunement and the many ways you honor your positive intentions and integrity. You know the importance of cultivating knowledge and acceptance of human nature. You do your best to develop good social skills as you move forward, embracing meaningful relationships. You are here to crusade for global causes, social and sacred human rights from a spiritual perspective.

          You are a diplomatic and charismatic communicator with quick humor and insight. Your sense of humor is active, highly creative and often easily aimed at your self. You do your best to create peaceful relationships, as you exude a radiant, peace loving presence. You are very intuitive and psychic, especially regarding emotional matters of the heart.

You know the greatness of your conscious explorations of the big picture and your psychic awakenings as this keep your heart open. You are highly respected by others for your many achievements. You are one with those who are chosen to feel the truth, in conscious and illuminated ways. You are empowered by others who are also initiators and by logical organization and visualization, which assist you in manifesting your Global visions for humanity and your personal visions for yourself.


          You are usually light years ahead of your time and you often make significant contributions in a progressive field of interest. Your honesty lends to you a politely aggressive approach to problem solving. When people ask, it is best that they be prepared for your often blatant truth. You are a blessed Global, big picture, visionary, crusader.

You exude inner confidence as you soulfully celebrate your passionate eternal nature, initiating expression like a glorious sunrise in the springtime of consciousness. We honor you as the brilliant pillars of light, here to initiate consciousness and awaken Truth as the sacred Skywalker.


Famous people who are also the Red Skywalker are: Neil Young, Carly Simon, Ansel Adams, Louis L’Amour, Gore Vidal, Chuck Berry, Carol Burnett, Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Carson, tv host, Jack Nicklaus, golf pro, David Brinkley, journalist, Dr. Seuss, children's author and Iris K Barratt, author of Mayan HonorGrams              copyright 2003 by Iris K Barratt

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