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It is my honor to invite you to a fun-filled evening of comedy, mystery and bold creativity. I am excited to host The Evolving Genius Awards Program. We look forward to your being royally honored for your brilliant, enigmatic, evolving brand of genius. You will also celebrate and support the evolving genius of others, as everyone will be honored. You are to be honored for your supportive role unto yourself and others. Dress elegantly for a Fabulous Awards Ceremony, bring your creative sense of humor for a really delightful evening. You are to be honored, so please accept and show up to this fun-filled evening of comedy, mystery and simple yet bold creative challenges. We wish to honor you royally!

Hosted by:





Please RSVP asap by email, as participation is limited.

We recommend you use! Just cut and paste the invitation above and edit as you like into the lovely template of your choice!

Props, Recipe and Music Suggestions~


**Prop suggestions, gold wire halo for guides to wear, when wearing this hat so to speak!

You may also get free gold crowns from Burger King and joke they are sponsored by Berger King for your fabulous guides!

 Cloak of shame, everyone wears while receiving sassy Shadow Mirror Awards and backstory, (super funny).

Gold stars to add sparling color to sprinkle on table, gold foil to decorate with. Gold star stickers or heart stickers can be put on Nobility of Honor Awards or table place cards.

Food Options and Suggestions:

Bring snacks? Or snacks/food provided, byob beverage~ or elegantly catered~

  • This can be edited into your invitation.

Foods: Humble pie for Shadow Mirror Awards break, chicken pot pies or other pies.

Angel food cake for dessert, Soul food may be most anything.

a wicked chocolate dessert called wicked judgmental projections

Shadow Mirror with the devil’s food, cake

Interesting cocktails?

Music Suggestions:


Music before Nobility of Honor Awards (short and fun)


If we only have Love by Dionne Warwick: (for closing song)


Celebrate Good times, Dance Music! (If you please!)


12 great interview questions for Iris Betts-Barratt, Author and MC of:

Evolving Genius Awards, Thrilling Comedy & Mystery Event Your Honored Guests Will Love!

  1. Iris why did you create this program, what has inspired you?

  2. How does comedy help us explore our shadow or dysfunctional sides?

  3. Iris why do you think your awards are so important?

  4. How is your mystery game or event different from typical murder mystery games?

  5. Is it considered clean comedy and what age groups can it serve?

  6. How does your program plant seeds of wisdom and personal growth?

  7. What kinds of events is your comedy and mystery program best for?

  8. Is there a Do It Yourself version now?

  9. Why is honoring so important to you and everyone else?

  10. What is the wisdom poetry you share about and why?

10.What do you think people like most about both kinds of your awards, Shadow Awards And Nobility Awards?

11. Why is your program so popular with event planners?

12 How can someone who also loves entertainment become one of your business affiliate Master of Ceremony Presenters nationally or internationally?


Feedback Questionnaire for Guests

Please rate these questions from 1 to 10 with 10 being AWESOME!

Please feel free to add any comments. Please email this to: with any promo photos or video clips to assist us with promoting our game or program.


Did you think the shadow awards were funny? WHY?


Did you enjoy the creative writing challenges and presenting yours?


Did you like the Nobility of Honor Awards? WHY?


What kinds of parties or events do you think this is best for?


What did you like best about this event?


What did you like the least?


We thank you in advance for your important feedback, any and all quotes, photos or video clips mailed to us to use for promotion. Thank you also for giving us a positive review on Etsy! We are so grateful! Can you see us bowing??

Big hugs of thanks,

Staff at Mystical Entertainers & Evolving Genius Awards