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Evolving Genius Awards

Comedy Program Your Honored Guests Will Love


Thrilling Comedy & Mystery Game Your Honored Guests Will Love!

Upscale Event Planning Made Easy~

Hilarious comedy, delicious mystery, inspiring roles and honoring awards make our creative, clean comedy ceremony unique and memorable. First, you embrace the role of being a mentor and guide to encourage and support your evolving genius partner.


Next, you unravel the mystery of who gets which (random) hilarious, Accusing Shadow Mirror Award that slams annoying human behaviors. Who was the Mindless Moocher, the Drama Queen of the Universe, the Master of Con-Artistry or the Coercive C0-Worker?  Each person is presented with an ostentatious Shadow Mirror Award, challenging them to be self-honest (who me?) or to learn detachment from unwarranted accusations.


Included is a hilarious backstory of their dysfunctional behaviors that led to their Shadow Mirror Award. Wait until you see the astonished looks on your guests faces when being accused!


After everyone receives their Shadow Mirror Awards, their own mentor & guide shares super funny scripts, defending their evolving genius by telling everyone how they progressed and evolved. How did the Rebel Without a Clue learn, change and evolve? Guides may use our outrageously funny scripts (provided) or use our language arts resources to create their own witty, comical story. Everyone gets to share insights into our evolving personal brands of humanoid genius in creative, funny and inspiring ways.

Next, suspenseful mystery builds as everyone also becomes royally honored with heartfelt awards representing their noble behaviors, keeping the creative humor and exaltation on a super high note. An honoring evolving genius award is presented to each person.


Who will be graced with coveted awards like; Lovable Laughter, Free Spirit, Childlike Wonder, Glorious Gratitude, Wisdom-keeper and Lifelong Learning? Colorful awards are ceremonially presented and become memorable keepsake gifts. You will discover how much your honored guests will love to display and boast about their Noble Awards of Honor.


Hilarious clean comedy everyone gets! Intriguing mystery, inspiring roles, funny and heartfelt awards, personal growth insights, and simple creative writing challenges, all make our engaging comedy program unique and memorable.

*Suitable for ages 12 to adult.

*Provides for up to 18 players.

*Includes fun invitations, Shadow Mirror Awards with comical and insightful back stories and funny evolution stories.

*Creative writing worksheets and key words lists are provided for guests to easily create their own witty, comical story of how their evolving genius partner became transformed. *Colorful honoring awards become keepsake gifts.




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