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Make Huge Money~Have Huge FUN~

"Whoever has the most fun, Helps the most people

AND Makes the most money wins!" 

This is my motto, is it your's too? 

Are you ready to make excellent money 

have fun, glamore and prestige like me?





































Our $1500. Business Opportunity (with scholarship) Includes:

Simple calculation charts, Mayan Soul Path Interpretations,

Target Market List, Example News Release,

Excellent ads & A Free Kids Program! PLUS~

Ideas for additional revenue

Independent Contractor Agreement for Additional Entertainers,

Event Agreement for Clients,

Inexpensive Giveaway ideas

Tons of inexpensive marketing ideas

Lecture outline for group promotion

Party and Mayan Graphics and more!


 * Best of all, You can work large or small groups easily and have excellent quality control, as our Mayan Soul Path Readings just need to be calculated and read slowly to each person. 

We have made it easy for you to get started!


*You can always have many entertainers available for Holidays like

New Years Eve and serve for large events! 


*You can pay your other entertainers well and still make

fabulous extra money!


*No one needs any special skills,

anyone can be trained in a matter of minutes! 

Everyone makes money and has fun honoring event guests!


*As the business owner, you make even more money

from additional entertainers and

you can book many events at the same time!

You can develop your intuitive skills and offer any other kind of

intuitive readings also, because it's your business!


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or need a scholarship to:



















Consider this!  

It costs a person about $15,000. to go to massage therapy school and requires

1 year of time that they need to support themselves during the training!

At the average of $50. for each massage it takes them 300 hours to get paid back,

just for the cost of school!

If our program for your area costs you only $500. and you average

$150. per hour just working yourself, it will take you less than 4 hours to get paid back! Only 4 hours of work at the regular $990. price.

This amounts to working only 2 or 4 events,(2 hours per event) even if you are the only one working!

You also pay 30 times less money to get a new skill! You can also start making money almost immediately!

We are currently offering limited business opportunities per area to insure your success!

Are you getting the picture and getting excited now?? Being the business owner you can have many entertainers making money for you too! You also have no recruiting

and training costs as this business is super simple and because almost everyone

wants to make great money in a prestigious line of work!



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Call or Email us to see if your area is available, a population of 20,000+ is recommended for best success

Call Iris K Barratt at 720 576 4280

Please send us an email about yourself, why you want or need a scholarship and why you think this opportunity is perfect for you~ to: